Sariaya Quezon Adventure

Traveling with friends is such a great experience you can have. Sharing happy moments, good vibes and time helps you to remember that life is truly a blessing. Looking forward for more travel experience with them.


Sariaya Quezon is one of the pristine beach resorts in the Philippines. You can do lots of adventures like riding on a banana boat, trekking to Mount Banahaw , buyin for delicious foods like their ‘yema cake’ and many more.

Going to the beach with your most comfortable outfit.
Michael, Diether, Micoy, Stephanie, Michelle, Memo and I having a fun time.
Always a great and memorable experience to travel with friends.

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Looking forward

Life is full of happiness

Life is full of dreams

Life is full of hopes

Life is full of faith.
My parents are okay, I am okay but my brother is not. 

It’s hard for me to see my family broken. I wanted to cry every night to lessen my sadness and at the same time I want to become strong. I travel with friends to forget my problems but at the end of the day, it is also useless. Why? Because you end up  alone and different thoughts comes into your mind that let you feel the pain, again and again and again. It was hard for me to give a big smile to my friends for them not to feel that I was broken. 

One time, I asked God, “Why do we need to suffer this?” And I think God says to me ” to learn and to have a strong faith”. Every Sunday, my parents and I were going to the church and it made us feel the comfortness and happiness that are missing. While my brother is just sleeping  whole night and day. I want to fix his life. I want to help him. I want to make him feel that we are just here no matter what problem comes into his life, no matter decisions he will do. 

I want my family to become back in normal. Living life that is full of happiness, dreams, hopes and faith. Keeping the bond and the memories together.

As for now, I learned that…

Family gets more stronger when problems appears. You can look right solutions, decisions, actions with your family. Positivity should always remain. And I know, God is with us no matter what. 😊


My forever

    For me,

    A father is always there for you.

    A father is always there to make you happy.

    A father is always there to buy you your favorite things.

    A father is always there to cook for you.

    A father is always there to support you.

    A father is always there to guide you.


    A father is always there to love and comfort you always, no matter how good and painful the situation is.
    This were my definition for you Pa because you’ve done this to me for how many times.
    I will say that

    I am forever thankful that you were my father.

    I always salute you


    I love you Pa.